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NASA Hyper-X Dual-Fuel Experimental Parametric Engine

Artist Depiction of X-43

The dual-fuel experimental parametric engine, DFX (named for the MDA preliminary design contract), shown on the left below, was developed in 1996 by modification of NASP engine hardware, to provide a rapid performance/operability evaluation of the Mach 7 Hyper-X initial flowpath design using the LaRC AHSTF. The DFX engine simulates the full scale (height and length) Hyper-X internal engine flowpath, with the correct forebody, cowl and sidewall leading edge radii. The forebody and aftbody have however been truncated, and the engine is partial width, as denoted by the shaded region in the figure on the right below, due to test facility size limitations. The primary function of the DFX is to provide a test article in which flowpath modifications can be evaluated quickly and cost effectively, which leads to an engine design fabricated primarily from copper, and completely heat sink cooled.


DFX in the AHSTF

AHSTF Flight Simulation Technique

Simulation Technique for DFX AHSTF Mach 5 Tests





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