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Hyper-X Engine Model

Artist Depiction of X-43

6-22-2000: HXEM (without the FFS) resumes testing in the LaRC Arc Heated Scramjet Test Facility.

Shown below left is the Hyper-X Engine Model (HXEM) installed in the Arc Heated Scramjet Test Facility prior to the beginning of tests. The simulation technique for testing the HXEM without the Full Flowpath Simulator in the AHSTF is shown below right.

Front view of the HXEM mounted in the 4 ft. dia. test section of the AHSFT


6-25-1999: HXEM/FFS closes out a successful test program in the LaRC 8-Ft. High Temperature Tunnel after completing a total of 16 successful tests (3 unfueled and 13 fueled).

Shown below is the Hyper-X Engine Model (HXEM) installed on the Full Flowpath Simulator (FFS) in preparation for testing in the NASA Langley 8-ft. High Temperature Tunnel.



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