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Hyper-X Flight Engine

Artist Depiction of X-43


6-19-2000: HXFE/VFS closes out a highly successful test program in the LaRC 8-Ft. High Temperature Tunnel after completing a total of 54 successful tests (14 unfueled and 40 fueled).

Shown below left is the Hyper-X Flight Engine (HXFE) installed on the Vehicle Flowpath Simulator (VFS) during a test in the NASA Langley 8-ft. High Temperature Tunnel.



Hyper-X (X-43) in the 8-Ft. High Temperature Tunnel
1 st Successful Fueled Run
Quicktime Movie: 240x180xMillions (865KB)

Description: Supersonic flow is established in the test section of the 8-FT. HTT. The HXFE/VFS is then injected into the test section. Three jets of cooling water can be seen emanating from the cowl and sidewall leading edges as the cowl flap is opened and the inlet flow is established. The plume at the exit of the engine widens with engine ignition and increased levels of fueling. At the end of the test the facility combustor is turned off causing the model to become obscured by condensation (fog) as it is being retracted.

8-FT HTT/HAPB Test Team

Hyper-X (X-43) 8-Ft. High Temperature Tunnel, Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion Branch Test Team

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