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Current Projects

Past Projects

  • NATO Research and Technology Organization Working Group on Technologies for Propelled Hypersonic Flight

  • Continued Inlet-Isolator Model Development and Application to H 2 and HC Fueled Dual-Mode Scramjet Test Data

  • ISTAR RBCC Ground Demonstration Engine

    • Government Lead for RBCC Scramjet Flowpath Development
    • Injector Characterization Rig (ICR) tests with heated JP-7 in the DCSCTF
    • VULCAN FNS of RBCC Dual-Mode Scramjet Flowpath and Comparison with Test Data
    • Small-Scale Inlet Tests in the M4BDF and VULCAN FNS CFD
    • High Speed Cascade Injector
      • Cold Flow Mixing and Hot Flow Combustion Tests
      • VULCAN FNS of Limited SHIP DOE Cases, Cold Flow Mixing and Combustion Tests
    • Low Speed/Transonic Generic Configuration Aero-Propulsive Tests
  • DARPA/ONR Hyfly Liquid Fueled Hydrocarbon Freejet Test of Dual Combustion Ramjet Engine

  • DCSCTF Parametric Test of the SCHOLAR Model(s) to Validate and Improve Physical Modeling in CFD Codes

  • Inlet Performance and Operability Tests of a Modified REST Inlet Configuration in the M4BDF







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