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Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion Branch Personnel

Artist Depiction of X-43

Civil Servants

Gaffney Jr., Richard L. - Branch Head
Deleon, Carla L. - Financial Analyst (contractor)

Auslender, Aaron H. Cabell, Karen F. Norris, Andrew T.
Axdahl, Erik L. Capriotti, Diego P. Ruf, Edward G.
Baurle, Robert A. Drozda, Tomasz G. Witte, David W.
Buccellato, Salvatore Hass, Neal E.  
Ground, Cody R. (Pathways Student) Siddall, Ryan A. (NIFS Student) Sweeney, James (NIFS Student)
Drummond, J. Philip (DRA) Pellett, Gerald L (DRA)  

On-Site Contractors

Aaron, Edwin P. Ferlemann, Paul Passe, Bradley
Bittner, Robert Jentink, Thomas, N. Shenoy, Rajiv
Bynum, Michael Lampenfield, Jacob, J. Ziltz, Austin R.
Cuda, Vince Pao, Jenn L.(Peter)  





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